2018 Emmy Award, Midwest Region, Cinematography  

Nature: Walking With Emerson & Thoreau


First Camera: Canon 5D Mark iii (still working today!)

Favorite Meal: Pho with Tofu from iPho Saigon in St. Paul

Favorite Season: Autumn

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Hi there!


My name is Cliff Dahlberg and I’m an award-winning filmmaker living in the Twin Cities. I’ve been producing, shooting, and editing professionally for nearly a decade. Everything I know about filmmaking came by way of the amazing artists who mentored me. And I was lucky to have found a dozen award-winning individuals who were as kind as they were talented. They came from serial television and documentary backgrounds and were writers, producers, cinematographers, musicians, visual artists, and editors. 


Thanks to their generosity, I learned the technical aspects of filmmaking while assisting them in the field and the edit suite. They also taught me their methods for how to tell stories and create content that would captivate and resonate with audiences across screens of all sizes.


All of that knowledge - as well as other tricks I've picked up along the way - is what I’m looking to share. I want to help those who are not in the 'media biz' learn the skills that will allow them to create the type of content that will engage their target audience in this hyper competitive social-media world that we are all living in today.

Send me a message at and let’s chat. 

Vidguru is here to help you on your path to media-making enlightenment. Learn everything you need to know in order to create digital media that you'll be proud to share with the world. 

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