iPhone 11 + Rode Wireless GO = AWESOME

Updated: Mar 31

So you have an iPhone 11 Pro, a Rode Wireless GO microphone, and you’re excited to start creating your own content or for your organization. Well, you just landed on the right blog article! 

Before you read further, be sure you have the following equipment with you so you can follow along (each have links):

iPhone 11 Pro

Rode Wireless Go

TRS to TRRS adapter cable

Lighting to TRRS adapter cable

Phone rig

Tripod extender

Phone rig (for walking around)

Step one is to attach the Rode Wireless GO’s receiver into the cold shoe.

Now find  your TRS to TRRS adapter cable. It has one black and one gray head, and if you look closely, you’ll see that the gray one has three black bands and the other only has two.

TRS to TRRS Cable

Plug the one with the three bands into the lighting adapter cable, and the one with two bands into the receiver. It’s really easy to mix this part up, so in order to avoid future confusion, you can just leave the two adapters connected after you’re done using this rig. 

TRS to TRRS Cable attached to Apple Lighting to 3.5mm Adapter - make sure to plug the gray head into the Apple adapter!

Now you’re ready to connect the receiver to the iPhone using the TRS to TRRS and Apple Lighting to 3.5mm adapter. Once that’s done, you can turn on the Rode GO wireless transmitter and receiver by holding down the powers button - they have the O with the / through them.

Power buttons located on the transmitter and receiver for Rode Wireless GO

If it’s the first time you’re turning these on, you’ll need to press the link button on the receiver to make sure that they are sending and receiving a signal.

Location of the link button on the Rode Wireless Go receiver

To test this, snap your fingers near the transmitter; if everything’s working right you should see the levels jumping on the receiver in response to the sound of your finger snap.

The levels on the receiver should bounce as you snap your fingers


I've found that the Rode GO wireless can send a signal that’s a little too hot - or too loud - for the iPhone, so make sure to use the DB button on the system to adjust it to the lowest audio setting. 

Press dB button to adjust recording level

Make sure to be on the lowest setting for the record volume

Now, let’s jump into the ‘Settings’ for the iPhone 11 Pro. If you’re using iOS 13, turn on your grid, set the recording to ‘High Efficiency’, Record in 4K at 30fps.

Camera settings for iPhone 11 (works for 1phone models 8 and up)

And now you’re ready to Rode Wireless GO with an entire video package that’s super small, easily portable,and ready to help you capture that content you need to engage with your audience on all of the major social media platforms. 

Now get out there and create some awesome video content! 


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